Small Animal Surgery


Small Animal Surgery unit conducts research and teaching of several undergraduate and graduate programmes. The unit also serves the Small Animal Clinic; University of Nairobi where several surgeries are performed on needy patients brought to the clinic directly or referred by clinicians around the country. The team of small animal surgeons is supported by theatre assistants, anaesthetists and animal attendants in carrying out their work.




Prof. Susan W. MbuguaPhD(UoN), MSc(CSU),BVM(UoN)

Prof. Mbugua specializes in small animal ophthalmology, orthopaedics and neurology and has a special interest in nutrition of dogs and cats and has published widely in the field of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery.View Prof. Mbugua’s profile.

Staff (Teaching and Technical)

Dr. John Demesi Mande

BVM, MSc,PhD (University of Nairobi), MKNAS

Dr. Mande Specializes in orthopaedics wounding and traumatology with special interest in Lameness, Joint Surgery And Arthritis. He has carried out research in pathology of osteoarthritis and clinical and radiological evaluation of plaster casting bandages available in Kenya View Dr. Mande’s profile.

Dr. Eliud Nderitu

BVM (UoN), MSc. (UoN)

Dr. Nderitu specialises in in soft tissue surgery and has research in the use of topical application of honey for wound management. He also has an interest in interested in dog food formulation and pet nutrition. View Dr. Nderitu’s profile.


On-going Projects


  • Clinical and Diagnostic Imaging Features of Abdominal  Conditions of Dogs.Research being carried out by Dr. Lilyan Wanjiku Mathai taking Master of Veterinary Surgery, University of Nairobi
  • Clinical and Pathological Features of Neoplasms in Dogs in Nairobi, Kenya. Research being carried out by Dr. Sura Amardeep Singh taking Master of Science Clinical Studies, University of Nairobi

Past projects


  • Type and Frequency of Dental Conditions in Canines and Equines in Kenya.
  • Clinical, Pathological and Laboratory Features of Conditions of the Urinary System in Dogs in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Osteoarthritis of the hip-joint of German Shepherd dogs.

Degree Course/Units serviced

PhD in Clinical Studies

Master of Veterinary Surgery

Master of Science in Clinical Studies

Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine

Bachelor of Science in Bio-Medical Technology

Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management

Carrier Opportunities

Students specializing in small animal surgery get a chance to work in various capacities as surgeons, as researchers or as teaching staff in Universities. With continued horning of skills most small animal surgeons consult in their area of speciality such as neurosurgery, soft tissue surgery, ear nose and throat and orthopaedics.

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Small Animal Surgery

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