Veterinary Gynaecology and Obstetrics


Veterinary Gynaecology and obstetrics unit conducts research and teaching of several undergraduate and graduate programmes. The unit also serves both the Small Animal and the Large Animal Clinics; University of Nairobi where several cases are managed on needy patients brought to the clinic directly or referred by clinicians around the country.





Prof. Mutiga specializes in Theriogenology with special interests in Gynaecology and has published widely in the field of Veterinary Theriogenology and is a resource person in reproductive technologies including embryo transfer. Prof Mutiga has supervised several MSc and PhD students and is a member of several professional bodies. Prof Mutiga has been involved in development of several in-country and regional policy and technical evaluations.View Prof. Mutiga’sprofile.

Staff (Teaching and Technical)


Diploma Business Administration (ABE, London, UK) (1999); PhD (Nairobi University) (1997); Master of Philosophy

Dr. Munyua is a Senior lecturer of Theriogenology He has over 30 years of practical clinical and research experience and has published and presented in conferences over 30 publications. He has supervised several MSc and PhD students and is a member of several professional bodies. Munyua has been involved in development of regional policy and technical evaluations and several farmer extensions. . He also has expertise in environmental impact assessment and in business administration. View Dr. Munyua’s profile.


Ph.D( SUAC, Uppsala, Sweden) Diploma in Animal Reproduction. Swedish

Dr. Tsuma is a senior lecturer of Theriogenology with research interest in obstetrics and reproductive technologies. Dr. Tsuma has researched and published widely and has participated in many policy and technical reviews as well as curriculum development. View Dr. Munyua’s profile.

Dr. Joan Muraya

BVM (UoN), MSc (UoN)

Dr. Muraya is a veterinary reproduction expert with special interest in Mall animal reproduction. She is involved in conduction research, clinical services and outreach extension servicesView Dr. Murayas profile.


On-going Projects


  • Clinical and Diagnostic Imaging Features of Abdominal Conditions of Dogs.Research being carried out by Dr. Lilyan Wanjiku Mathai taking Master of Veterinary Surgery, University of Nairobi
  • Clinical and Pathological Features of Neoplasms in Dogs in Nairobi, Kenya. Research being carried out by Dr. Sura Amardeep Singh taking Master of Science Clinical Studies, University of Nairobi

Past projects


  • Type and Frequency of Dental Conditions in Canines and Equines in Kenya.
  • Clinical, Pathological and Laboratory Features of Conditions of the Urinary System in Dogs in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Osteoarthritis of the hip-joint of German Shepherd dogs.

Degree Course/Units serviced

PhD in Clinical Studies

Master of Veterinary Theriogenology

Master of Science in Clinical Studies

Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine

Bachelor of Science in Bio-Medical Technology

Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management

Carrier Opportunities

Students specializing in gynaecology and obstetrics get a chance to work in various capacities as gynaecologists and obstetrical surgeons, as researchers or as teaching staff in Universities. With continued horning of skills most gynaecologists and obstetricians consult in their area of speciality such as obstetrical surgery, pregnancy management, reproductive technologies and fertility management.

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