Large Animal Surgery


Large Animal Surgery unit conducts research and teaching of several undergraduate and graduate programmes. The unit also serves the Large Animal Clinic; University of Nairobi where several surgeries are performed on needy patients brought to the clinic directly or referred by clinicians around the country. The team of small animal surgeons is supported by theatre assistants, anaesthetists and animal attendants in carrying out their work.




Dr. Vijay S. Varma

B.V.Sc. (UEA), M.S. (CSU), Ph.D. (CSU)

Dr. Varma is a senior lecturer of Veterinary surgery with special interests in Equine surgery and reproductive management. He is currently the chairman of Owners, Breeders, and Trainers Society of Kenya for Thoroughbred Horses and Thoroughbred Stud Book Club of Kenya. Dr. Varma has and serves in the ministerial task force on Animal Welfare in Kenya.View Dr. Varma’s profile.

Staff (Teaching and Technical)

PROF. MBITHI PETER MULWA FELIXBVM,MSc.(Nairobi),M.VSc. (Saskatchewan), Ph.D.(Nairobi)

Prof Mbithi is a professor of Veterinary Surgery with research interests in Clinical veterinary medicine and orthopaedic surgery, wounding and traumatology with special interest in lameness, joint surgery and arthritis. Professor Mbithi has supervised MSc students and PhD students and has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals and is a member of several professional organizations. He currently serves as Deputy Vice Chancellor A&F, University of Nairobi.View Prof. Mbithi’s profile.


BVM, MSc,PhD (University of Nairobi), MKNAS

Prof Kihurani is an associate professor of Veterinary surgery where he has been involved in large animal surgery (Cattle and Horses) and research including health care and experimental surgeries. Hehas had progressive experience in animal health research for over 29 years and has published twenty seven publications in various aspects ofVeterinary surgery,medical imaging, medicine and pathology. Prof Kihurani has vast experience in medical imaging techniques including Ultrasound, Endoscopy, Computer Tomography, Scintigraphy and Magnetic Resonance Imaging.View Prof Kihurani’s profile.


BVM (University of Nairobi), MSc. (University of Nairobi) PhD (University of Pretoria)

Dr. Mogoa is a senior lecturer of veterinary surgery specialising in Veterinary Anaesthisiology. Dr. Mogoahas carried out research and published many papers on anaesthesia, pain management, disaster preparedness and mitigation, veterinary education, animal welfare and livestock policy issuesin various local and international journals. View Dr. Mogoa’s profile.


BVM (University of Nairobi), MSc. (University of Nairobi) PhD (University of Nairobi)

Dr. Nguhiu is a senior lecturer of Veterinary Surgery with special interests in Cattle Lameness, Radiography, Sutures and Abdominal Surgery and traumatology. He has also taught postgraduates in surgery and clinical studies subjects for many years. He has carried out research in surgery and published extensively in peer-reviewed international journals and also published a surgery book and book chapters in scholarly books.View Dr. Nguhiu’s profile


On-going Projects


  • Anaesthetic Protocols For Different Animal Species. Read more

Past projects


  • Digital Characteristics Of Laminitis & Associated Claw Lesions In Cattle In Nairobi And Its Environs Under Various Management Systems. Read More
  • Orthopeadic Surgery, Wounding And Traumatology With Special Interest In Lameness, Joint Surgery And Athritides. Read More
  • ThermostressAnd Anaesthesia In Animals. Read More

Degree Course/Units serviced

PhD in Clinical Studies

Master of Veterinary Surgery

Master of Science in Clinical Studies

Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine

Bachelor of Science in Bio-Medical Technology

Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management

Carrier Opportunities

Students specializing in Large animal surgery get a chance to work in various capacities as surgeons, as researchers or as teaching staff in Universities. With continued horning of skills most small animal surgeons consult in their area of speciality such as Othopaedics, soft tissue surgery and Anaesthisiology.

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Large Animal Surgery

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